The dentist insurance plans

The dentist insurance plans Shemaa Saeed pointed out that this does not depend on the dental clinic bill, but that the health insurance companies refuse to pay the value of the medicine bill. The patient is obliged to pay up to 30% or more,

which is a financial burden added to the value of the doctor’s bill. The dentist insurance plans He refuses to pay the medication until he contacts the insurance company and informs them of what is stated in the prescription.

After that, the employee of the insurance company examines each drug type and gives approval to some of them for the patient to bear 30%.

He refuses to approve other medicines and the patient is obliged to pay the full price. Wait 30 minutes, he is in good health.


The insurance companies claim that some types of drugs are unnecessary or cosmetic, which is not true because they cause the patient not to take him to complications of health, adding: «require insurance companies to obtain prior approval before the drug, Is causing many problems for patients. “