Top Truth Of Dental Helps Which Helps In Dental Insurance

Top Truth Of Dental helps Which Helps In Dental Insurance

Dental helps Very well so when we go find the EOB  and we take a look and make sure everything was posted right what we  found was that on the Dental Helps bitewings insurance paid for t and we wrote off   but we only build so the.

Was  too  much so to fix that we can simply double click on this click OK and we can fix  our write-off so our write-off should have been  we click OK we click OK and now our patient  owes the that was charged on the th everything is matching up

Right the last report that I want to have you take  a look at would be the procedures not billed to insurance this report is going to allow you to see the procedures that have been completed  for patients who have insurance .

Dental Helps
Dental Helps


Unsent indicating that they haven’t been sent in a claim so let’s go ahead and just do a date  range you can do a single date if you like and we’ll run this report and see if we get anything and it does look like our patient Lauren Jefferson has that

Procedure that has not been billed to insurance yet we can go ahead and take a look at her account and see maybe we missed creating her claim yesterday whatever happened we can now come in and  go ahead and create that new claim .

Get it sent with our batch today so that concludes the insurance to webinar I want to thank you for attending if you have questions that I didn’t answer in  my presentation today please feel free to contact the open dental phone support line at five

Zero three three six three five four three two or as always check out our online user manual at open dental comm again thanks for attending very well is that basic dental insurance  most carriers do not provide Dental insurance for their

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