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Dental insurance ga too often so we’re gonna use cold air to dry your  dental insurance ga hair get them cut along just cut a few strands of hair right here let me just when you hear a little bit more.

dental insurance ga
dental insurance ga

I’m gonna cover your eyes again I’m just a mouse park or I hear the back [Music] looks good looks very beautiful very good well we’re gonna go to.

The shampoo station I’m gonna give you your shampoo and a gentle scalp massage for preparing your hair for our next stage

will be hot the coloring of the baby lights okay [Applause] – to crash a little bit oh yeah okay hey how was that relaxing now .

He’s visualizing that’s got massage very good so let me just start by separating let’s try some pair of that I’m gonna call it I’m gonna finish preparing the formula for you I brush your hair now we need to tell you can completely walk free for this well since.

We are gonna do only the top I’m going to braid the strands that we’re going to call it and leave the other parts protect it I’m gonna get a type of hair than you thought hey it’s time a lot as you can see here what way to formula up the baby lights you’re gonna notice .

That during the four weeks period it’s gonna be easier to manage your hair and that’s part of our common formula it’s very very good because a skeleton and he helps the hair be more smooth and prevent tangles just to mix it very well next time and you got.

The pink brush today just kind of everything I need turns really clear chance the color that we’re going to use to be peels it’s very very clear well you like another drink yep just a second not fresh so for sangria this one has strawberry on it then he’s very delicious I’m .

Fresh it’s ready let me just put on my gloves I’m gonna start good food of train or on your forehead and your ears and your cheeks to prevent and where you drop on the plane you like to drop there and stay in your skin okay good good good right this is how I could dangle a lot on Stan’s after his treatment.