truth of humana dental insurance

the fees humana dental insurance and we’re telling you to look at the fees per patient you also need to look at the number of appointment types that you .

have in your practice and realize that if they give you an extra $ on a crown but they’re taking two dollars off your hygiene visit in order to do.

humana dental insurance
humana dental insurance

That if you’re negotiating humana dental insurance a fee then you’re not actually getting more money so .

those are some of the other things you can’t just look at the list of fees you have to look at how you’re using how you’re using the codes so if you are seeing hygiene patients

A day and you’re seeing one crown patient a day and they give you a fee schedule you you’d send it back and say can

we work this out you know however you work with that and then then they say okay well we’re gonna raise your crown fee but

We’re gonna take two dollars off the pro fee well then so you got ten dollars for your crown patient and you lost $ on your hygiene that day and those little numbers add up and that’s actually kind of how they do that so you need to pay attention to

That and you also need to pay attention to the amalgam codes and do you do you know why it’s important to pay attention to the amalgam codes because you’re going to get paid based on amalgam fees and not posterior composite fees so you can put

Those posterior composites on there but the majority of the time you’re going to get paid based on the amalgam fees so if you can negotiate five hundred dollars for.

a single surface posterior composite but if they’re calculating it on amalgam all you’re doing is passing extra cost on to.

The patient and not actually and and also decreasing your treatment plant acceptance the higher the dollar the you know the harder it is to get that person to say yes and schedule so remember.